The Beginners Guide to Credit Card Debt Relief

By | February 20, 2019

I’ve written many articles on how to earn money on the Internet.

As you know, there are many ways to make money online. In this article, I will tell you the best ways of getting rid of your debt. It should not have to take years to become debt free.

If you really try hard and are creative enough, you can get rid of your debt within a few months or less.

Here are the steps you should take to eliminate it. Some things you already know, others are brand new. For the moment, forget about fees and them unjustly charging you.

The focus has to be on getting it gone in the quickest amount of time.

Step # 1. Know What You Owe

Open up all the invoices to all the people you owe and add it up all together. Make a chart of who gets paid and when.

Make three columns: Who I owe, What I owe, Monthly Payment Date. Put it in a place where you will always see it, and always pay by the date that it’s due. If possible, send it a week early.

Step # 2. Pay More Than The Minimum

If you’re only being asked to pay ten dollars, pay twenty or more. Always pay at least double the amount as the minimum payment. The debt is not going anywhere if you keep paying the minimum.

Step # 3. Pay Off The Smallest Debt First

Are you familiar with the saying, ‘How do you eat an Elephant?’ the answer is one bite at a time. Start with the lowest credit card, then work your way up to the big one.

Step # 4. Make Extra Money

For people who cannot stretch their income to pay more, or those out of a job, this is the ultimate solution for getting the debt gone for good.

Forget about debt consolidation, and bankruptcy.

No matter if you were trying to just ‘live’ on credit, or just made outrageous purchases the fact is that you are the one who ran up the credit, bought a house, car, whatever.

The point is to get it under control, then start raising money to pay it off. Here are a few ways to make extra money:

a) Read The Book “Put More Cash In Your Pocket” by Loral Langemeier

I will be doing a book review on this later this month, but I’m sure you can read it yourself by borrowing it from your local library.

Loral teaches you how to use your skills and hobbies to make $500-$1000 cash every month. So far what I’ve read was very good.

I was surprised at how easy it is to really make extra money, cashing in on what you are good at.

b) Find Websites that you can join online for free and make money

I’m not talking about paid emails, and clicking for pennies(although one well known company has a website that does do this) The e-book ” Will Work For Cash” lists over 100 places online where you can sign up for free and earn money. There is no hype in it.

It’s not a get-rich-quick e-book. It’s all about making extra money on the Internet. Most of the payment is through Paypal, and the tasks that you do are very easy.

Some of the things you can get paid to do are: articles, t-shirt designs, uploading videos, photos, your expertise, news, chatting and much more.

The payment ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. For a limited time, the author is giving away thirty bonus e-books with the purchase.

Some of the bonus e-books are about saving money on groceries, energy, how to do interviews, get a job, emergency money plans, over 200 more places where you can earn money.

c) Sell Your Stuff

I tried Ebay, and so far it has not worked for me. I have sold books, movies, music and games that I didn’t want through Amazon.

The best thing about Amazon is that if your product doesn’t sell, you don’t have to pay them any fee. That’s what I can’t stand about Ebay.

Whether someone wins the auction, you still have to pay a fee! Amazon is a cool, no pressure way to sell you stuff. As long as you can find it on Amazon’s list, you can sell it.

Step # 5. Stop Using Credit Cards

Learn how to pay for things in cash. Your new motto for 2010 should be, ‘Cash Is Cool, Credit Is The Fool’.

Step # 6. If You Can’t Afford It, Ask Yourself A Question First

Read Step # 4 all over again. If you see something that you simply need, make more money to get it.

If you see something you want because it’ll make you happy, first ask yourself if you really want it, if it’s something you will use for a very long time.

If that’s the case, make more money to go out and get it.

Step # 7. Create An Emergency Fund/Savings

If you can, try to do this as you go along, paying off your debt. Put a little into the bank until you can reach your monthly goal.

Decide how much money you need to live on each month, times that by twelve, then times that by ten years, and stick it in the bank for a rainy day or an emergency.

For example, if you could survive on $10,000 a month, that would come up to $120,000 a year. $120,000 for ten years is $1, 200,000 dollars.

So if you lose your job, or an emergency comes up, you’d be covered.

I’ll be doing another article that focuses just on Step # 4. Make More Money. There are so many things it’s hard to tell which one you should do, but I’ll just spend time on the most lucrative ways.

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